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Wiki: ReleaseNotes/2.0.0b4

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Subcommander 2.0.0 Beta 4

24th August 2008

The next Beta. There is still a lot of work but I recommend to use b4 instead of 1.2 now. It has reached a point were it is clearly better than 1.2.

The official Subcommander binaries are built against subversion 1.5.1, a source build requires subversion 1.4.5(!) or better in the 1.4.x line or 1.5.1 in the 1.5.x line. 1.5.0 will not work because it has a backward compatibility bug.


  • new: added a simple dialog for creating a local subversion repository.
  • new: #214, warn on commit to a 'tag' url.

  • changed: switch single working copy view between flat and tree mode.
  • changed: do not auto refresh after canceling a commit.
  • changed: improved performance of commit items list in commit dialog.
  • changed: #225, improved performance of changed items list in log dialog.

  • changed: re-implemented repository view (moved from qt3 to qt4).
  • changed: trigger working copy rename only when the item was changed.
  • fixed: item flags in commit dialog, only one flag was shown.
  • fixed: improved working copy view stability.
  • fixed: restoring window size & position does no longer move the window.

  • build: fixed gcc 4.1.x compile errors and warnings.
  • ... and a lot of general code improvements on the working copy view code.


  • changed: set last diff position after a refresh so the "diff scrolling" does not jump back to the first diff.
  • fixed: #228, left and right curved diff connection painting when merging.

  • fixed: restoring window size & position does no longer move the window.



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