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working copy locked

Author ochnap2
Full name ochnap2
Date 2005-12-21 09:59:50 PST
Message Hi, I recently started the update of a working copy but aborted it before
finishing. Since then when I try to update it again I get a message box

error (subversion)
Working copy '<some folder in the project's working copy>' locked

and the update is aborted.

I did not explicitely lock anything so I guess this ended in this state in the
previous abort. What should I do? How do I unlock it?


PS: Please CC me directly any answer, I'm not (yet) subscribed to the list.


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working copy locked ochnap2 ochnap2 2005-12-21 09:59:50 PST
     Re: working copy locked hauner Martin Hauner 2005-12-22 00:17:53 PST
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