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Subcommander 0.8.0 released.

Author hauner
Full name Martin Hauner
Date 2005-03-14 09:54:31 PST
Message Subcommander 0.8.0 is ready and available from:

Sources Archives (Unix/Linux,Win32):


Win32 Binaries:


Documentation (pdf):


-- CHANGES --------------------​--------------------​--------------------​------

Subcommander Version 0.8.0 (released 15 March 2005, tags/0.8.0)

   * new: [Issue 19] handle multiple working copies within a single project.
   * new: set project order. Drag a project and drop it on another project to
     change its position.
   * new: [Issue 29], rename working copy items by editing the list view item
     "in place".
   * new: [Issue 30], move or copy (single) items in a working copy with drag
     and drop. Drag in working copy view and drop to project folder view (hold
     control key on drop to copy).
   * fixed: (submerge) the label display was broken by the added -d option in
   * fixed: [Issue 26], correctly display non ascii repository files/folders.
   * fixed: [Issue 27], correctly display subitems of working copy folders with
     non ascii characters.
   * fixed: correctly display error messages with no ascii characters.
   * fixed: [Issue 25], set the log message when the log dialog is run from a
     working copy.
   * fixed: [Issue 10], do not crash when no password is given to the simple
     prompt dialog.


Subcommander, http://subcommander.tigris.org
a x-platform Win32/Unix svn gui (qt) client & a text diff/merge tool.

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Subcommander 0.8.0 released. hauner Martin Hauner 2005-03-14 09:54:31 PST
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