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Subcommander 0.7.0 released.

Author hauner
Full name Martin Hauner
Date 2005-02-21 09:13:55 PST
Message Subcommander 0.7.0 is ready and available from:

Sources Archives (unix,win32):


Win32 Binaries:


Documentation (pdf):


-- CHANGES --------------------​--------------------​--------------------​------

Subcommander Version 0.7.0 (released 22 February 2005, tags/0.7.0)

   * new: view blame information of a working copy file.
   * new: delete multiple files in one step.
   * new: (win32 only) debug help, crashhandler with stack strace and exception
   * new: (submerge) added -d option to print debug info.
   * changed: removed tree view decoration from repository view and working copy
   * changed: several improvements to the Unix/Linux configure script (better
     autodetection, require stlport for gcc < 3.x, build without berkely db).
   * changed: now builds against an installed subversion 1.1.x (with libs and
     includes). The build does not need the subversion sources anymore.
   * changed: reloading the status view after updating a working copy requires
     a manual reload (as for any other command).
   * fixed: [Issue 11], 8 bit characters were not correctly displayed in the
     author field of the repository view.
   * fixed: better size handling for the error dialog, it will no longer fill
     the entire screen width for a long error text.


Subcommander, http://subcommander.tigris.org
a x-platform Win32/Unix svn gui (qt) client & a text diff/merge tool.

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