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sc without BerkeleyDB

Author =?utf-8?B?Um9iZXJ0IEx1YmN6ecWEc2tp?= <robert at twojewakacje dot pl>
Full name =?utf-8?B?Um9iZXJ0IEx1YmN6ecWEc2tp?= <robert at twojewakacje dot pl>
Date 2005-02-17 08:44:42 PST
Message I think ./configure should check if BerkeleyDB is present. Subversion can
be build without this, and subcommander uses BerkeleyDB headers just to
print its version number in About dialog.

Actually I'm not using BerkeleyDB, and to compile sc I had to patch

Robert Lubczyński
Agencja Turystyczno-Handlowa Chorwacja.com
Pl. Matejki 6/4a, 31-157 Kraków
Web site: www.twojewakacje.pl

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sc without BerkeleyDB =?utf-8?B?Um9iZXJ0IEx1YmN6ecWEc2tp?= <robert at twojewakacje dot pl> =?utf-8?B?Um9iZXJ0IEx1YmN6ecWEc2tp?= <robert at twojewakacje dot pl> 2005-02-17 08:44:42 PST
     Re: sc without BerkeleyDB hauner Martin Hauner 2005-02-17 08:48:25 PST
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