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Installing on Linux

Author vanosten
Full name Rick Gruber
Date 2005-02-16 07:27:20 PST
Message Hi

I am trying to compile version 0.6 on a Linux x86 SuSE 9.2 box. Unfortunately
the configure script does not accept my APR-entry. Actually I do not even
know what APR stands for. After som searching and guessing I found
Next step was to download the apr-1.1 and apr-util-1.1 source. I configured
and build the two packages without problems. But what is next?
I tried
vanosten@linux:~/tem​prick/subcommander-0​.6.0-src$ ./configure \
> --with-apr=/home/van​osten/temprick/apr-1​.1.0/build \
> --with-apr-util=/hom​e/vanosten/temprick/​apr-util-1.1.0/build​
 but apparently this is not good enough.

# Are these the right libraries?
# After configure & make of these two libraries: should I do something else?
# How do I reference? Is it the "build" directory, or another subdirectory?
# Alternatively: can I use the FEATURE switch to turn some feature off, which
does not need the ARP/APU libraries?

I would really be thankful to get some help.

Regards ... Rick

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