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Building + Runnuning

Author Alexander Jasper <alexander dot jasper at gmx dot net>
Full name Alexander Jasper <alexander dot jasper at gmx dot net>
Date 2004-08-15 03:30:13 PDT
Message Hi!

while trying to build and run sc I ran into several problems. Maybe s.o.
knows a solution.

1. LibD folder.
In may build of apr und apr-util there are no LibD folders. I guess you
renamed the "Debug" folders. I have adopted the project file and that
works for me know.

2. The famous MSVC linker error "libc conflicts with other runtime library"
My first guess that qt was causing this problem did not proof right.
Even after telling qt to use the debug crt the error still appeared. I
had to silence it telling the linker to ignore libc.
This error is usually a very bad sign and can be the cause of very
obscure errors. But I don't know which library could be using the wrong
crt. I looked at the dependencies using the decency walker, but that
brought no further insights.

3. pathan.
I'm using the latest pathan 1 version, as of 2003. Either I'm doing
s.th. wrong or this is very buggy. It simply would not read the
generated config w/o crashing sc. This is due to many double free and
free mem reads. (proofed by purify). I had to commend out the following
dtor to get sc to start at all:

   //delete compiledExpression, compiledExpression=NULL;

This could have s.th. to do with error 2. But I don't think so any more.
They remember strings they pass to the outside internally in pathan and
*free* them as they wind up the stack! Reading the passed result then,
well, crashes!

4. exerces dtd parsing throws exception
S.th. goes wrong while dtd parsing. Commenting the out the dtd reference
in the config solves this. I guess it can't for some reason find the dtd.

5. pathes uses /
This causes the diff command to not being able to launch the the merge
tool as there are forward slashes in the path.

6. Icons in tool bar not existent. Same cause as 5 or wrong working

7. sc crashed when right clicking empty line in projects pane.

fixed like this:

void ProjectFoldersWidget​::contextMenuRequest​( QListViewItem* item,
const QPoint& pos, int col )
  ScLvi* lvi = dynamic_cast<ScLv​i*>(item);
  if(lvi) // caution, item is null when you click on an empty line

Any ideas?
thanks for any help


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Building + Runnuning Alexander Jasper <alexander dot jasper at gmx dot net> Alexander Jasper <alexander dot jasper at gmx dot net> 2004-08-15 03:30:13 PDT
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