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SubCommander - minor inconveniences

Author semi at gurroa dot cz
Full name semi at gurroa dot cz
Date 2010-09-15 12:39:55 PDT
Message Hello.

Some more inconveniences in SubCommander/SubMerge:
(prefixed by category [minor] , [major] , [fatal] )

- openning subcommander:commit window and pressing List items.
  (The commit button is not enabled [:fatal, written earlier]).
  When clicking into the bottom list, where the changed files are,
  the list re-orders (I did NOT click the list header)...

- other SVN clients allow setting file-date to commit-time,
  not to check-out time!

- with X-mouse activated (yes, also on windows one can activate X-mouse),
  when moving mouse over subcommander window while the submerge window
  is opened brings the subcommander:commit window to front (which is
  disabled), hiding the submerge window below !
  (And bringing the submerge window by task-bar, then want to get
  mouse over it, but the subcommander:commit again pops up over it...)
  (If you want to try X-mouse on windows XP, find and use the TweakUI

- pressing Merge differences still does not allow me to modify the file,
  showing only the base (bad) version at bottom... (see also below)

- why do I have to open EVERY corrected file to merge line-by-line manually?

- Pressing "Merge" button and then File/Save_merge
  saved back the "base" (bad) version (destroyed my modifications!)

  Do I really have to double-click every changed line with mouse ?!!!
  This is VERY dangerous, since I may easily forget to dblclick one
  changed line and get only some of the changes commited !
  Also, some changes cannot be merged by clicking, may need to edit
  the lines arround to tide-up the conflicts...

  Consider this usage workflow:
  I download current version of the project to a separate directory.
  Then I manually replace all my modified files, merging possibly
  conflicting changes in text editor. It CANNOT be done just by clicking!!
  Then I want to upload the modified (corrected) versions of files
  back to SVN repository - all at once...
  It may be tens of modified files with hundreds of modified lines total !

- the window does not scroll on MouseWheel, which is redirected to
  next/prior change - very uncomfortable - to see a context, where
  is the change present, one needs to use scrollbar ?
  (there could be some option for this)

- the windows (both submerge and subcommander) do not remember their
  size when resized by user and always opens ridiculously small.

- the Qt toolkit calls SetClipboardViewer, possibly disconnecting
  other clipboard viewers... (No software should use SetClipboardViewer,
  unless absolutelly necessary, which is not this case!)
  (I know this problem from other softwares, which use Qt toolkit...)

- Projects are not saved when terminating. (When restarting, the
  "Projects" list is empty!)

- all of the modified files dissapeared from the project !!!!!
  (good enough I did not run it on my working copy of the project)
  (probably done this by dragging items with mouse and dropped back
  to the file-list at upper-right part, there was some "failed move"
  in the log, see attached screenshot...)

This is very probably my last letter about SubCommander, going
to delete it immediatelly...
Still a long run to make a usable software from it...


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