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subcommander:commit - all buttons disabled?

Author semi at gurroa dot cz
Full name semi at gurroa dot cz
Date 2010-09-15 11:47:27 PDT
Message Hello.

I'm new to subcommander/svn...

There are two major problems with subcommander 2.0.0 b5

- when it is terminated by File/Quit, the projects are not saved.
  When I start it the next time, the Projects list is empty.
  It is almost unusable, if I need to setup project every time just
  to checkin/checkout!

- when selecting 4 files in right-upper window and invoking Commit...
  from popup-menu, the subcommander:commit window opens, empty.
  Pressing the only enabled button: "List Items" lists the 4 files,
  but the Commit button is DISABLED ?!
  (this state is visible on attached screenshot)
  This prevents me from commiting the files, making it totally unusable
  for me...

As a note, I just have setup the "trunk" and "url" for the project,
leaving both "branches" and "tags" empty - may this be the reason?

I tried to post this question onto web-page
but the post did not appear there, so I'm using an email...


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subcommander:commit - all buttons disabled? semi at gurroa dot cz semi at gurroa dot cz 2010-09-15 11:47:27 PDT
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