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subcommander:commit - all buttons disabled?

Author webpost at tigris dot org
Full name webpost at tigris dot org
Date 2010-09-15 11:36:50 PDT
Message Hello.

I'm new to subcommander and svn (and very unhappy that my colleagues decided to revert to svn, yet more unhappy that they choosed to use explorer-shell plugin for it, which is unacceptible by me, so I'm searching for a substition...)

For subcommander 2.0.0b5:

When selecting changed files to commit in the main window and invoking Commit... from popup-menu, the window subcommander:commit opens. Pressing "List items" button (only enabled) shows the 4 changed files.
Now both the "List items" and "Commit" buttons are disabled and there seems to be no way to commit the changes?!

Also - there is no FAQ or help on this project yet...? (Maybe I've missed something?)

Another MAJOR issue - when I quit Subcommander with File/Quit, it does not save anything? When it starts again, the Projects list is empty - do I really need to setup project every time before checkin/checkout ?!

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subcommander:commit - all buttons disabled? webpost at tigris dot org webpost at tigris dot org 2010-09-15 11:36:50 PDT
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