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ANN: Subcommander 2.0.0 b5 patch 2

Author hauner
Full name Martin Hauner
Date 2010-06-20 09:41:44 PDT
Message Hi,

I have updated the source archive for b5 to b5 patch 2. It fixes a couple of
build warnings for newer gcc versions, a bad signal/slot connection, (adds) a
simple url check (file:////..) to avoid a crash before passing the url to the
svn api, a crash on Linux when opening the bookmark property dialog and a
missing application icon on Linux.


Subcommander 2.0.0 Beta 5 - http://subcommander.tigris.org
a Win32/Unix/MacOSX subversion GUI client & diff/merge tool.

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ANN: Subcommander 2.0.0 b5 patch 2 hauner Martin Hauner 2010-06-20 09:41:44 PDT
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