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Sharing project setups - is it possible?

Author terryowen
Full name Terry Owen
Date 2008-11-21 10:07:14 PST
Message Just a few questions about SubCommander - hope I'm in the right place. (Is
there a forum? Forums are good for one-off questions.)

What I like about SubCommander is that there seems to be the potential to
customize a small project with less overhead than using Eclipse. (Eclipse
projects using Subclipse are kind of close to what I have in mind but on a
smaller scale.) I work with a lot of users who don't really want to know
anything about SVN and if I could have them install SC and give them a
config file or run a script that fetches only what they need from the main
repositories, it would be very useful. Is that even possible?

I did a search on project settings and found one question about using an ini
file instead of the registry. Was that ever implemented?

Is there any way to control SC from the command line or any embedded

And last question - TortoiseSVN can cache the svn logs now - is there any
sort of similar capacity in SC? (Just curious, it saves time sometimes when
the lan is slow.) I'm also starting to use the TSVN log template feature
alot. I don't expect that SC would try to duplicate all the TSVN
features but it would be nice to know how they compare. I'm already
starting to use too many tools cobbled together to deal with
different Subversion functions. :-) It might be easier if I had admin
rights to the company server where Subversion runs but I'm just the team
software support person, so I can't install programs that would simplify a
lot of this.

I do like the idea of a standalone program like SC, though. Even though
all the users I support have TSVN installed, it isn't always intuitive. The
shell extension approach is great for experienced users but sometimes
the infrequent user (*cough*managers*cough*) like something more defined and

I haven't looked at all the features in depth and so I apologize if I missed
an obvious answer that has been posted on the mailing list. I did read the
manual but the Appendix B isn't populated yet. (Feel free to add these
questions in - and I probably have more if you run short.)


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Sharing project setups - is it possible? terryowen Terry Owen 2008-11-21 10:07:14 PST
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